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Memorial Park - Picnic Shelter #1 (Hillside)


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Memorial Park
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Bear Hollow Birthday Party
Bear Hollow Zoo
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Picnic Shelter #1 (Hillside)
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Memorial - Picnic Shelter 1

Facility Area Information

293 Gran Ellen Dr
Athens, GA 30606
Phone: (706) 613-3580

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Rental Information
Rental Period: Half Day - 4 hours (not available during the winter months*) or Whole Day - 9 hours (7 hours during the winter months*)
Rental Fee: $50 - Half Day | $75 - Whole Day
*Winter rental rates apply to the end of October through March 14th. No half day rentals will be available during these months.

Special Events: If you are planning to host an event that is open to the public, you will need to obtain a special events permit. Please contact our facility to inquire as to whether or not your event will need a special event permit in order to take place. Special events can include, but are not limited to: any event posted as a public event on a social media platform, a specialized group activity that is advertised to the public in any way, races or walkathons, rallies or demonstrations, etc. 

The maximum capacity for picnic shelters is 60 individuals. 

Picnic Shelter #1 Information
Max Capacity: 60
Location: On the hill, approximately 300 feet from the park entrance. It is visible as you are entering the park gates and heading down the one-way road to the lower parking lot. 
ADA Accessibility: Wheelchair access is available by ramp from the parking lot adjacent to the shelter. Access ramp has uneven surface and a ~1 inch raise in terrain between the parking lot surface and ramp. 1 wheelchair accessible grill is provided. There are no designated parking spaces for this picnic shelter, but the first 2 parking spaces in the small adjacent lot are within a few feet from the access ramp.
Parking: There is a small parking lot adjacent to shelter with 6 parking spaces, additional parking in the lower lot, and parallel parking heading up the hill from the shelter towards the park exit. 
Closest Restroom: The nearest restroom is located down the hill and behind the playground (~500ft). Additional restrooms are located near the dog park and in front of the pool house (end of the main parking lot connected to the office building).
Additional Park Amenities: Playground, Bear Hollow Zoo, Birchmore Hiking Trail
Electricity: 3 outlets w/ timers
Fans: 3 Ceiling Fans
Grill/Fire: 1 pedestal charcoal grill and 1 wheelchair accessible grill. 
Water: no water source provided w/ rental
Table/Chairs: six 8ft picnic tables
Cleaning Deposit: N/A. Full rental fee is due upon approval of rental request
  • Additional time for set-up prior to the rental period is not included. Additionally, the facility must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the scheduled rental period. 
  • Rental includes exclusive use of the designated facility only and shall not impede public access to any other area. 
  • Parking lots are open to the public and are not included with the reservation. All parking spots are first-come, first-served. 
  • Inflatables of any kind and petting zoos are not permitted on the premises.
  • If you have questions about bringing any additional means of entertainment or items (musicians, caterers, etc) during your reservation, please reach out to our office at (706) 613-3580 to check for permission. 

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