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Heard Park (formerly East Athens Community Center) - 1st Floor Multi-Purpose Room


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Heard Park (formerly East Athens Community Center)
3rd Floor Flex Area (Multi-Purpose/Art Room)
Gymnasium (non-athletic use)
1st Floor Multi-Purpose Room
Outdoor Basketball Courts
Field #1
Gymnasium - Athletic Use
2nd Floor Multi-Purpose Room
3rd Floor Teen Tech Lab
Picnic Shelter #1
Tennis Court #1
Tennis Court #2
2nd Floor Game Room
2nd Floor Fitness Room

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Facility Area Information

400 McKinley Dr.
Athens, GA 30601
Contact:  Phone: (706) 613-3593

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General Information
Capacity: 25-30 people with tables and chairs

Amenities: public men/women restrooms, white dry erase board, room adjacent to kitchen (counter space available for use ONLY), ice machine located inside kitchen, tables and chairs (available upon request)

1. No decorations allowed that will damage walls, floors and/or leave residue behind.
2. Rental must include time needed for setting up and breaking down.
3. Rental space must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the scheduled rental period.
4. Renter responsible for removing trash to the dumpster at the end of rental.
5. Rental does not include usage or access to kitchen appliances, pantry and utensils/supplies.

6. Rental includes exclusive use of the designated rental space only and shall not impede public access to any other area.

Fee Schedule
Rental Fee(s): $20.00 per hour (may be subject to a cleaning deposit)

Two-hour minimum rental required.