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Memorial Park - Recreation Hall


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Memorial Park
Basketball Courts
Bear Hollow Birthday Party
Bear Hollow Zoo
Conference Room
Picnic Shelter #1 (Hillside)
Picnic Shelter #2 (Between Pond and Playground)
Picnic Shelter #3 (Behind Playground)
Quinn Hall
Recreation Hall
Birchmore Trail
Bear Hollow Classroom

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Facility Area Information

293 Gran Ellen Dr
Athens, GA 30606
Phone: (706) 613-3580

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Rental Information
The Recreation Hall must be rented for a minimum of 2 hours per reservation request.

Rental Fee:
  $75 per hour 

Important Notes: 
  • There is no additional time allotted before or after your selected rental reservation for set up or clean up. Please consider this when selecting rental times.
  • This building has a maximum occupancy of 100 guests. Please do not reserve this space for any event that might exceed this limit. 
  • No bounce houses or other inflatables are allowed on premises. 
  • The basketball court is not included in this rental. 

If looking to host an event that will be open to the public, please contact us for a special events permit prior to requesting a reservation.

Cleaning Deposit
An additional $50 refundable cleaning deposit will be charged when booking this reservation. 

In order to receive the full refund from your deposit, the following criteria must be met upon leaving the rental space:
  • Any and all items that you bring in with you must also leave with you. This includes decor, leftover food, party favors, etc. 
  • If you are planning to hang decorations, this should be done with masking tape or painter's tape. No command hooks/strips, duct tape, poster tack, or any other types of tape are permitted. 
  • Please be sure that all trash is collected and placed inside of the provided trash bin.
  • If the partition wall is up at the time of your rental, please do not attempt to move or adjust it without the help of a staff member. 

Recreation Hall Information
Max Capacity: 100
ADA Accessibility: There is an access ramp at the beginning of the main office parking lot that leads to the main office door. The recreation hall can be accessed from this building. 1 designated parking space located at the top of the main parking lot and 1 designated parking spot in front of the pool at the lower end of the lot. There are also 2 designated spaces in a small lot that can be accessed from Gran Ellen that is located just before the park's entrance when coming from Lumpkin Street. 
Parking: Rental space is located off of the main office parking lot. These spots are open to the public and designated spaces are not included with this rental.  
Restrooms: Located within the building, down the hall from the rental space. 
Tables/Chairs: Fifteen Round Tables, seven 6 ft. Rectangular Tables, three 8 ft. Rectangular Tables
Kitchen Amenities: Access to a refrigerator, freezer, ice machine, prep tables, and counter space.
Electricity: Multiple outlets throughout the rental space. 
Cleaning Deposit: See Cleaning Deposit Information.
  • Additional time for set-up prior to the rental period is not included. Additionally, the facility must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the scheduled rental period. 
  • Rental includes exclusive use of the designated facility only and shall not impede public access to any other area. 
  • Parking lots are open to the public and are not included with the reservation. All parking spots are first-come, first-served. 
  • If you have questions about bringing any additional means of entertainment or items (musicians, caterers, etc) during your reservation, please reach out to our office at (706) 613-3580 to check for permission. 

Reservations & Activities

Click on an activity name for details or the date for the activity schedule.


Program Event Teams Date Time
ACCPD Training (Michael Duckett ext 7164) Tuesday December 5, 2023 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
ACCPD Training (Michael Duckett ext 7164) Wednesday December 6, 2023 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Winter Holidays Breakfast with Santa - Breakfast with Santa 9am Saturday December 9, 2023 09:00 AM - 09:45 AM
Winter Holidays Breakfast with Santa - Breakfast with Santa 10:15am Saturday December 9, 2023 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
ACCPD Training (Michael Duckett ext 7164) Monday December 11, 2023 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
ACCPD Training (Michael Duckett ext 7164) Tuesday December 12, 2023 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Contra Dance Saturday December 16, 2023 05:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Rec Hall Reservation Sunday December 17, 2023 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM
ACCPD Training (Michael Duckett ext 7164) Monday December 18, 2023 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
ACCPD Training (Michael Duckett ext 7164) Tuesday December 19, 2023 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM